Libella was created when it was found that there was a lack of fine quality pyjamas for children.

We started sourcing for the best materials we could find and designing our own line of sleepwear. Along the way, the idea of establishing a bedtime culture for children came along and this has now grown into the concept behind Libella. Many working parents today have limited time to spend with their children; As such, time dedicated each night to getting the children ready for bed becomes a precious moment that can be shared regularly. A daily ritual of getting ready for bed through the inculcated habit of slipping into pyjamas, coupled with the sharing of bedtime stories, allows for quality time to be spent between parent and child. Realising the necessity for children to grow up with familiar routines established in their daily lives to create a sense of security and well-being, we advocate this as a daily bedtime routine.

Like any parent wishing only the best for their children, we seek to produce the finest quality pyjamas. The cotton used for Libella is sourced from premium cotton producers and sewn with utmost care and attention to the finest detail. The design for the pyjamas have been tried and tested by children to ensure their practicality and durability.

In addition, Libella’s bedtimes stories form an integral part of the ritual. Because of their important role, a series of stories involving our trademark dragonfly, Arkie, and others have been weaved and collected in our Libella Storybook. Libella’s bedtime stories are shared via our website and can be easily downloaded.

Our products are available online as we understand that being a parent leaves little time for shopping. With the advent of the internet, shopping online has never been easier or more convenient for a parent with limited browsing time.

We have also produced an adult line of sleepwear to complement the existing children’s collection. We believe that if parents and children wear similar sleepwear, it would enhance family unity. This would make the bedtime ritual a more wholesome experience for the family.

It’s not just about sleep…it’s about beautiful dreams!


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