Montessori Kindergarten, a First Class Education


Monte Kidz World is a boutique Montessori kindergarten established at Elias Mall, Pasir Ris in 2000 and followed swiftly by Hougang Green Shopping Mall due to popularity in 2003.

We work with the principles that have been deeply researched and have millions of happy parents and even happier student, set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori. This method of teaching understand that the learning ability of children in the first six years is at it’s highest absorption rates and utilise this in ways that no other teaching methods do.

What makes us unique?

  • A ratio of 1:9, meaning your child gets the most attentive teaching possible
  • We know that Parents are key partners in their child’s learning experiences
  • Core curriculum consists of English and Chinese languages and Mathematics
  • We also cover History, Geography, Physical Education, Movement and Music – for a fully rounded and deep education.
  • Our ex-students have translated our Montessori foundations into become student leaders, that perform consistently in the top 10 of the primary cohorts.
  • Montessori teaching actually increases your child’s ability to learn languages, creativity and social interactions.

Why do we work with parents?

Our working relationship with parents instils high self-esteem in their child, which then results in the child gaining incredible confidence and a thirst for learning and knowledge, which then improves their abilities once more.

Monte Kidz World is like no other education establishment, from primary 2 we introduce critical thinking and creative thinking techniques in the form of the John Lingerer Thinking Program. These learning foundations are imperative to your child’s successful future.  Our fun-filled activities are child lead, meaning that your child will be incredibly confidence in their learning process for years to come.

There is a reason millions of people wish for a Montessori education and we urge you to come and see why.


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