There is more to Art than just Drawing and Colouring.


With the right guidance and program, art is a powerful tool that could help channel a child’s creativity and express themselves better through various art and crafting techniques.

Art Zone is committed to provide the best art experience any child deserves, according to their own learning ability and level of perception.

Catering to both local and expatriate community of Singapore, Art Zone is popular with their on-going Creative Art Learning programme specifically catered for children aged 4-12 years old.

img_5641In this programme, children are taught to express their ideas and let them convey it through their creativity, hence expanding their imagination and experience during the whole learning process. Even though they are exposed to many art concepts and techniques, the syllabus is taught in a simplified and fun way.

Besides this programme, Art Zone also conducts flexi-time art and craft workshops such as paper, woodcraft, canvas and mural painting, clay work, collage, papier mache and recycled material crafts. All of these are different media and techniques used to produce beautiful art and craft pieces worthy for keepsake.

The Art Zone experience is not only limited to children. They also provide programs and spaces for private event or corporate functions if you feel like boosting your team’s creative energy through art, or simply want to celebrate a special day with your family and friends.

Get in touch with Art Zone to find out more about their classes and schedules. Let your child’s creativity shine through arts!


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