There Are More Smarts To Your Child Than You Know


The world is evolving and so does the way our children learn.

In this modern world of technology, our children are exposed to the world around them from a very early age. This leads them to discover the world at a faster pace and develop a broad interest in the things around them.

The fields and careers that we see today will not necessarily be the ones that they would pursue ten or twenty years from now, as there will be more new fields to explore such as robotics and biotechnologies.

Therefore, discovering your child’s smarts early will help you nurture your child’s capabilities in such fields and help pave the way for them to develop and realize their full potential.

After all, your child will be more likely to excel in the field that they are naturally good at and go way beyond academic excellence.

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Discover your child’s smart with the MIDAS™ tool from UOB Kidsmart Programme

Based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner (1983), MIDAS™ (Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales) is an aptitude assessment tool that helps you discover the smarts your child may have and gain a deeper appreciation of what your child’s capabilities may be.


Believing in your child’s full potential, UOB has taken a step ahead to become the only bank in Singapore to offer such an insightful tool for parents to gauge their children’s capabilities and plan for their educational enrichment.

After doing the assessment, the MIDAS™ tool will offer you an indication of your child’s capabilities and smarts based on the 8 types of intelligence suggested by Dr. Gardner’s theory:

For example, a word smart child has the capabilities to think in words and use language to effectively express and understand complex meaning. This child would probably have a bright future is literature and linguistic. They would also very much enjoy word-oriented enrichment activities such as writing, reading and even storytelling.

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On the other hand, nature smart child has the ability to easily understand the natural world including animals, plants, and scientific studies. This child would enjoy getting in touch with nature through outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. They would also benefit a lot from enrichment activities that allow them to discover nature and science such as doing experiments and observing the world around them.

Once you have recognized your child’s intelligence, you will gain a deeper understanding of their skills, abilities, and preferred learning style.

These understanding will then help you plan their study strategies, enrichment programs and even providing them with the necessary career guidance.

Even though MIDAS™ is not a test with absolute results and your child’s capabilities may change and grow over time, it is never a loss to gauge them early in order to give you some heads up on what could develop further in their future.

Take the MIDAS™ assessment and discover your child’s smarts today by visiting us at




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