How Much Social Media is Enough for My Kids?


By Celine Villadares

With the rapid development of technology, the younger generation has been introduced in the world where exchange of information is readily made available online. With these changes come the sudden increase of usage of social media and other mediums of communication. How much of these would be enough for your kids really? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Expose to Educate:

As parents, you cannot totally ban the use of social media since some schools use these as well to give out information about academic programs and tasks. Then, social media in this aspect can be used to your advantage. Guide your child to the understanding that the use of social media is indeed beneficial, but has its own dangers too. Let them be aware which information is safe enough to be available online, and up to what extent would not be good to put up online.

  • Establish Rules and Policy:

When it comes to establishing rules, involve your child! Show respect and acknowledgement to their needs. Sometimes parents tend to show so much authorization over their children, as a result their children oppose. Sit with your child and discuss how many hours and which certain time in a day would be good for having access on the internet. Accessibility would involve academic functions and their own playtime.

  • Filter the Sites That They Get Access To:

Educating your kids sometimes won’t be enough, and so comes filtering. Filtering the sites that they get access to would somehow make you feel safer to the things that might be exposed to. Sexual offenders and negative contents online are everywhere! And those people that manage these negative aspects of the internet are very much skilled in targeting the vulnerable age group. By filtering, you can somehow be rest assured of which contents to show them.

  • Balance with the “Real” Social Exposure:

Don’t let social media and the other use of the internet rob your child of what “real” socializing is! Join a community group and activities that would serve as a medium of social interaction. Attend a family gathering or volunteer to the part of the community that needs assistance, by these you can let your children experience the “real” world outside social media.

  • Spend Time with your Kids:

Some kids tend to spend more than in social media just because there is nothing to do at home, then the solution for this would be to spend quality time with them. As they say, TIME is the best expression of love. Make your children feel that they matter and family time is much more fun! With this, parents, let your children feel that they are not on a leash, give them freedom to decide, respect their individuality. Now, if there is something that needs to be corrected, sit and discuss with them. An established relationship between family members would be a good way for a trusting one.

We cannot control the technology-driven generation of today, but parents can always have a say on how they would train their children to approach the changes around us.


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