DIY Christmas Presents To Make With Your Children


By Celine Villadares

Are you looking for an activity that would keep your child busy this Christmas season? At the same time getting stressed coming up with another creative idea on what to give away this gift-giving time of the year? There could be a lot of ways to make these two work together to come up with a good solution. Here are some ideas of DIY presents to do with your children this Yuletide season:

Bookend Figures:

A perfect gift for family friends or relatives who love to read! It can also be given to those who are still studying. It is very simple; all you need is a plain bookend in different shapes or figures (could be a paper mache for an affordable price!) and a variety of colors for painting. Encourage your kids to express their unique styles through designs, and see what you get at the end!

Treats in a Jar:

A common and easy to do gift, but spent with much sweetness! All you need is a good looking jar (you can find them online), colored ribbons, and the treats that you and your kids would put in (could be cookies, candies, chocolates or other sweets). Maybe, you will end up seeing one of your kids sneaking a candy; but all is well as you spend time in this good cause.

Oreo Pops:

What kids could be curious is on how to make such delicious treats! Let them experience it and feel proud as they become creative in the design of this Oreo pops. You would need Oreos (can be in vanilla flavor or others, up to you), pop sticks, melted chocolate coating (or white chocolate). Put the pop up sticks in the Oreo (be careful as it may easily misplaced), then dip it or drizzle the coating gently on the Oreo pops. Let them cool in the ref, after that comes the fun part for the kids ~ design the Oreo pops!

Cute Little Owl Rocks:

This one can be such a fun and creative way to make gifts for Christmas. Mainly, it would produce cute little rocks display for the house. Materials needed would be Pebble rocks (some markets sell this), paint brush and variety of colors. Let your children create characters using the rocks or you can print out some patterns characters for them to copy. Encourage them to use colors.

Decorated Pretzel Sticks:

Just like the other sweets giveaways, this one can be done using minimum ingredients in creating some treats in a creative way! All you need is big sized Pretzels sticks, melted chocolate or caramel coating and other candy sprinklers or nuts. You can make different colors for your coating to make it look attractive. Your kids would love it!

Christmas time is indeed one of the highlights of the year, and the best time to bond together as a family and share that love to other families and friends. And don’t forget, it is the best time to input the Christian values to your children especially of this season. Enjoy!


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