Encouraging Talents For Your Child


By Celine Villadares

It is usual that parents expect their child to take after their talents. As early as two years old, some children show interests to either singing or dancing, and may even exhibit extraordinary interests to certain musical instruments. Whatever it may be the interest of your child, it is better to be aware of actions towards encouraging and guiding your child to discovery of his own skills.


Your child grows up to the knowledge that is only available to his surroundings. If you want him to take interest to a variety of things then you must expose him to a lot. Nowadays, there are many short term programs that allow children to participate in many fun activities such as ballet classes, cooking/baking with parents, fast food crew workshop (for a little grown up children), musical classes or even sports trainings (friendly enough for kids, don’t you worry!). Some of these activities are marketed more on summer trainings, but most centers offer them all year round. So, better prepare for the next listings! 🙂

Get Involve as Parents:

To encourage your child to be involved in these new activities that you offer him, parents can show how fun the new activities would be by joining in! By getting involved, you can show that the activities are interesting and fun to be done together; at the same time, it is a good time to bond with your little one.

Pay Attention to What He Finds Interesting:

As you expose your child to many different ways to explore his interest, be observant as well as parents in which specific activity captures your child’s attention. Sometimes, kids are as confused, so paying close attention to what he seems to be enjoying from the rest will pave a way to focusing more of that in the future. It would help too if you can ask your child which among the activities seems to be more enjoyable for him, he’ll probably be happy to get involve more as time passes by. Go for the supportive parents’ role!


We all have been children once too, and it is such music in our ears to hear our parents’ appreciative and good words! So, as parents, compliment your child especially when he is doing well in his new found talent. Positive words help boost their self-esteem as they explore more of their hidden skills. Be generous in giving praise to your child’s ability.

Help your child find his way to interesting skills that he can spend time with as he grows. Not only does it help him focus in honing his talents, you are also helping his maximize the ability that he is yet to discover!


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