Preschoolers at Twinkle Stars Montessori (TSM) handle Primary level mathematics with confidence. How do they do it?


Child’s confidence in mathematics can be nurtured. These are five secrets to making maths class fun and yet productive.

Concrete to Abstract, a Systematic Approach

Maths classes for the very young at TSM are very hands-on. Abstract work in the form of worksheets is gradually introduced as the children get ready for the Singapore primary school curriculum before they reach 6.

A Focus on Fundamental

TSM curriculum focuses on helping to build a solid foundation. Teachers maintain individual checklist to track development for each child. Lessons on maths concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, come with hands-on materials designed to enhance kid’s understanding.

Subject Teachers at Preschool Level

Teachers at TSM are subject-specific and their passion and enthusiasm gets rubbed off onto the children. Kids learn and work with the same maths teacher from N2 till end of K2. As such, teachers know each kid’s strengths and weaknesses well. Therefore, kids receive the necessary attention and guidance according to their unique developmental needs.

Small Class Size

Kids enjoy more attentions, scaffolding in early years where it is crucial. They have ample access to the many helpful resources in classrooms.

Stress-Free Environment

Stress has huge negative impact on children’s enthusiasm for learning. Here, children learn and master new skills at individual pace. As such, kids don’t feel the pressure in chasing a fast syllabus nor get bored by a slow one.

It would be great to know that your child is looking forward to his/her next maths class!


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