How To Organize Like A Pro–So You Can Keep Your Kiddie Closet Clutter Free


Your little one’s OOTDs? So cute. Here’s how to get them all under control.

Dressing up your baby is certainly one the fun perks of parenthood. Those cute ruffled jumpsuits and tiny denim jeans sure look adorable on your child, but when they’re spilling out of the closet and taking over the room—well, not so adorable. Like so much of parenting, organizing and storing baby clothes can get confusing and challenging. But like so much of parenting, it all boils down to what works for you and your family. Don’t be afraid to get creative and expand your concept of storage and organization! Try some of these ideas:

Store by size. All that nesting and excitement (not to mention hand-me-downs from generous loved ones) will give birth to piles and piles of clothing well past the 0-3 or NB stage. While you get a pat on the back for planning ahead and scoring a great deal or two on larger sizes, figuring out where to put all of these clothes is sure to make your head spin. Our advice: sort and store. Segregate all the clothing items by size, actually comparing them to one another and not just going by the tags, as different brands and styles can be deceiving. Invest in plastic drawers or storage boxes and label accordingly (3-6 months, 6-9 months, so on and so forth). Stash them all away and get that just-shopped high all over again when it’s time to open a new box!

Think out of the box (or closet). Closets, with their single hanging bar or limited cubby space, can feel a little constricting. You can easily get creative with how you store baby clothes! Consider modifying your closet or wardrobe by adding an extra rack or stowing a small shelf inside to increase usable space. A hanging clothes organizer or shoe organizer is actually the perfect size for teeny-human clothes, so try adding one too. Not crazy about the closet your nursery comes with? Why not refurbish and customize a bookshelf or display shelf with baskets, rods, or dowels and turn it into a charming and unique baby wardrobe?

Figure out how to fold. Tiny tie-sides, cute as they are, are often impossible to fold perfectly. The varying sizes of onesies don’t make a neatly folded stack. And what to do with all those bulky baby blankets or cloth diapers? Consider other ways or folding and stacking your baby’s clothes. Rolling towels and blankets hotel-style and piling them on a shelf makes them easy to grab. Laying pants and pajamas flat instead of folding them frees up drawer space. Investing in baby-sized hangers and choosing to hang bulkier dresses and jackets could save you the hassle of folding them altogether.

Be a basket case. Plastic, wooden, or wicker baskets are every new mom’s lifesaver. For baby essentials that you aren’t afraid to wrinkle—think mittens, socks, cloth diapers—simply allot a basket you can chuck them all in. This makes keeping track of pairs so much easier, too!

With all the demands that often accompany baby’s first year, a well-stocked, functional, and organized clothes closet means you’ll have one thing less to worry about and stress over. They say you’re never really fully prepared to be a parent, but by keeping a handle on a seemingly small aspect of your baby’s needs, you’re totally putting yourself in the right frame of mind to conquer all the challenges. You may even find all that organizing therapeutic!


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