5 Ways You Can Prepare For Your First Family Photoshoot


You finally did it! You booked your dream photographer. You know, the one you’ve been stalking for the last year (ever since discovered that you were pregnant). The one whose photos you’ve been pining over, imagining the special day when it would finally be your turn to be in front of the camera with the source of your life’s joy and meaning: your family. You are also secretly counting down to when you can finally post these special photos on your facebook, because you’re 100% you’ll get a million likes. But nobody needs to know that 😉

Yikes! You just realized that the shoot is 2 weeks away, and you don’t know how to start preparing for it. Booking a professional photographer costs a good amount of money and you want to ensure make the most of it.

Here are 5 ways you can prepare for your family’s first photoshoot.

1. Pick a theme, or not. What was your vision for your family’s photoshoot? Was it carefree and bohemian? Was it serious and glamorous? Was it candid and casual? Now is your chance to have all the fun you want. You are the stars of this show, and honestly, anything goes. Is playing dress up not your thing? That is totally okay. There are also plenty of families who opt for the natural, “come as you are” non-theme in photo shoots. Do not feel pressured by your instagram and facebook feed. This is your photoshoot and it should express you and your family best.

2. Choose a venue. Do you want to do it in a studio, or outdoors? In your home, or at a place with beautiful furniture, and decorated walls? Do you want to use artificial light, or natural light? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself in choosing a venue. If you don’t know where to start, ask your photographer for recommendations. He/she is sure to have plenty of experience and ideas. Also consider if your chosen location requires a payment for rent, and check to see if this will fit into your budget.

3. Plan your outfits. You can plan your outfits based on your chosen theme. Consult with a stylist, or one of your fashion savvy friends for tips on where to buy/borrow pieces. And when combining outfits, avoid choosing combinations that clash. Here’s a pro tip: strike a balance between comfort and style. Your children cannot feel uncomfortable in their clothes if you want a successful photoshoot! We want smiles, not tears! 🙂

4. If you plan on getting your hair and makeup done, book an appointment. Work with a salon you already know you trust. The last thing you want is make-up so thick that you are unrecognizable, or hair done so badly that you look much older (or much younger?) than you really are. You want to feel beautiful on the day of your shoot! As for your kids, get their haircuts at least a week in advance. This will spare you any last minute hair emergencies.

5. Talk to your photographer. Most photographers make it a point to call their clients in advance to discuss and manage expectations. He/she will also appreciate it if you describe your family–to give the photographer a feel of your family’s personality. Tell your photographer what makes your kids laugh. What you husband’s personality is like. What triggers he should avoid to prevent tantrums. You will both benefit from being completely prepared for the shoot.
You are that much closer to making your dream photoshoot come true! Preparation is key to a relaxed, fun and successful photoshoot. And then let go of the rest. Because even if your husband captures your family in a state of chaos–it will still be worthwhile. Because isn’t that what family life is like, anyway? 😉


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