A Really Refreshing Coke Ad on Parenting


There’s nothing quite like the ad that has just the right amount of honesty, emotion, and human realness to get you up and out the door to buy whatever product it is selling.

Famous for its heartfelt campaigns, Coke’s truly refreshing ad on the chaos and joys of parenting paint a picture of that is as funny as it is inspiring. The ad follows the journey of the young couple from the moment they discover they are pregnant, up until what seems to be their adorable toddler’s tender and terrible twos.

Parenting is never easy, sometimes crazy, but ALWAYS worth it.

We won’t be revealing more than this, but if you plan on clicking on the link above, prepare for your heart to grow just a little bit larger today. Enjoy!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPb1t3jU3sI]


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