The Parenting Files: Tips on Travelling with Your Toddlers


Travelling with toddlers can be intimidating, which is why many moms opt out of going on long car rides or getting on planes with their kids in tow. While travelling without kids may be the more convenient option, this may mean missing out on making wonderful memories and creating beautiful experiences of discovery for your family. So perhaps it should be something you should reconsider? 😉

The Parenting Files is a wonderful initiative of #momgoals @catjuanledesma, who is a writer, an educator, a wife, and new mother of two. In collaboration with The Parenting Emporium, she has gathered tips and stories to provide a support for new parents who are hungry for credible and honest resources and information.

This episode tackles travelling with toddlers and provides practical advice on what to bring, what to leave behind, and even the mindset to take with you during your travels with your little ones. Enjoy!



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