How To Style Your Table This Summer


Celebrate the season with some simple table styling

Busy moms live by the rule of minimum effort for maximum effect. With such full plates everyday, we are always in need of quick and easy ways to get things done! This holds true for home décor. There are always ways to add a pop of pretty and a touch of festivity without spending too much time and money.

Now that the summer months have fully arrived, celebrate the season of house gatherings and beach parties with an eye-catching summer-themed tablescape! But before you ring your go-to events stylist, realize that you can easily achieve a beautiful table styling yourself with things you may already have lying around the house. Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to make mealtimes a little more special, try these ideas for a picture-perfect summer table:

Summer Citrus

Oranges, lemons, and limes just scream summer! Take advantage of all that produce and turn them into an attractive display on your dining table. You can opt to pile them high on a bowl, stack them in thin glass vases, or arrange them in layers on a tiered cake tray. You can also try displaying dried lemon and orange slices in clear jars or vases filled with fresh flowers.

Smashing Succulents

Those cute potted mini cacti and other succulents are so trendy right now! You can find a few in markets and specialty stores (or find some sellers on Instagram). These adorable little plants are so fresh and festive, so they’re perfect for summer. Choose a brightly-colored and or printed table runner, then arrange the succulents along the length of the table along with a few plain candles. Looks like your table is ready for a fiesta!

Nice and Neon

You can never go wrong with flowers. And there’s no need to choose the pricey varieties! For this look, you just need the most strikingly-colored kind. Mums or carnations are more affordable, and come in the cutest neon hues—bright fuchsia, orange, and yellow will be perfect for your tablescape. Choose an all-white table setting then arrange vases or bowls of neon flowers as your centerpieces. Chic and summer-y, in a snap!

A simply styled yet on-point tablescape definitely makes family and friends gathering around the table a little more special. These minimal décor ideas are easy enough for busy and budget-conscious moms, and the reaction it elicits is absolutely priceless! This summer, make the effort to prettify your dining table. It’ll make you smile at every meal!


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