Academic development starts young at TSM and in fun-filled classes.


The main challenge of lesson delivery would be child’s limited focus span in class. That has to do with child’s motivation, personality and capability.

Your Child is an Individual

Every child has his/her own unique developmental needs based on potential. Child’s capability is not entirely limited by age. TSM’s curriculum recognises that and therefore the programme content and pace follows that of an individual child. Not the other way around.

A Sensorial and Concrete Approach

Highly challenging lessons delivered at Twinkle Stars’ classes can be fun-filled. Qualified Montessori teachers are able to deliver lesson of abstract concept in a very hands-on and fun way. To the kids, most lessons are game time!

Small Class Size

TSM maintain small group size for quality of programmes. There are more interactions between teachers and children. Learning and lessons delivery become effective. Teachers know each child’s strengths and weaknesses well.

Subject Teacher

Typically, a preschool child will experience a change of form teacher yearly. More frequently if there is turnover of teachers. TSM’s system of having subject teachers at preschool level has greatly reduce children’s stress due to the need to handle a change of main teacher. At TSM, child work with the same subject teacher throughout his/her preschool years. The rapport created between teachers and child greatly enhance the developmental pace, allows child to cover more contents, in terms of breathe and depth of the subject. At TSM, all teaching staff are qualified and registered Montessori teacher.


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