5 Gifts You Might Want to Drop as Hints for Mother’s Day


Have you ever been asked by your spouse or your kids “what do you want for Mother’s Day?” Are you usually embarrassed to tell them what you really want? While nothing could ever replace the sentiment and sincerity behind a heartfelt letter or a beautifully crafted frame, there are a few things worth mentioning to our loved ones–if you ever become brave enough to tell them how you feel.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while we should be thinking about buying gifts for our own moms, it might be useful for us to let our husbands and children know what we would most appreciate….and what would help us become more amazing mamas in the long run.

1. Pampering. It doesn’t need to be expensive and could be as simple as a treat to a mani-pedi or a blow dry at the salon. A massage is also always a good idea. We are always caring for our families, why not spend a few hours caring for ourselves for a change?

2. A break from the household chores. Whether it is doing the groceries, running the laundry, or even doing the meal plan for a week….we’re sure any mom would appreciate a nice break from doing these tasks, even just once a year. Because even though we know we do these things with with love, a break from our daily duties is always welcome.

3. Some time to reflect and re-energize. Never having time for ourselves even to just journal, read, or meditate comes with the territory of motherhood. Why not request for an afternoon to soothe your soul. You’ll return to your family re-energized and inspired to be an even better mom.

4. Netflix. Sometimes, as moms, we just need to veg out and completely turn-off for a few minutes…or an hour. A subscription to netflix would be a much appreciated gifts for the mom who needs an escape every once in awhile. Even if this needs to happen after bedtime. 😉

5. An Exercise Gift Certificate. Are you the type of mom who feels guilty about exercise because it means time away from your kids? Taking some time to jog, do yoga, or even just watch an instructional video on youtube would would do wonders for your mood and your health. It will really be a gift to your family because you will be a much better mom for it.


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