Baby Bag Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without!


We’ve all been there.

30 minutes after leaving the house, you dig into you baby bag to look for something you need…a toy, an extra onesie, a pack of wipes…only to realize that you had left it at home! AGAIN.

You feel like kicking yourself for the millionth time for leaving the ONE THING you need during an emergency, and remind yourself…for what feels like the millionth time also, to be better prepared next time.

Don’t stress mama, packing a baby bag for a newborn is a new experience that also takes time to get the hang of. Here’s a list we hope will help you put a complete baby bag together. You can use this to prepare the items beforehand, and as a last minute check list before you leave the house.

1. Diapers. Newborns require a lot diapers, so we would recommend to bring no less than 8 each time you are out…even if you will be away from home for only 2-3 hours. As babies grow, they require less diapers, and to bring one for each hour is a safe number.

2. Wipes. For spit ups and spills, new moms discover that wipes are their new best friend for easy and stress free clean ups.

3. A pack of tissue paper. Runny noses, unexpected messes, bathroom trips, and accidents are made less complicated when you know you have a pack of tissue in your bag.

4. Hand sanitizer/Alcohol. For places with no running water, we recommend to keep hand sanitizer or a bottle alcohol on hand to stay germ free, especially after messy diaper changes. The wipes come in handy for these moments too!

5. Portable hand soap. No soap in the public restroom? No problem!

6. A changing mat. While most public restrooms now have a changing tables, you can never be too sure about how clean they are. Keep your baby germ free and cushion his back with a changing mat for a comfortable diaper changing experience.

7. Diaper rash cream. You’ll want to be ready when you find a red rash on your baby’s bottom. Buy a small tube that is easy to carry around, and you’ll be able to provide your baby with relief before he begins to burn or itch.

8. Plastic trash bags. Plastic trash bags are for polite parents. 🙂 Use these when you dispose of dirty diapers in public restrooms or rooms. This will help prevent the stench of the diaper from stinking up the area.

9. Extra bottles. Pack 2-3 extra bottles to be prepared for when your baby’s hunger strikes.

10. Snacks. Snacks are the perfect distraction for restless and hungry toddlers.

11. Small Toys. Keep your baby entertained during long commutes or car trips with his favorite toy.

12. A bib. Keep those adorable baby clothes stain free by keeping 1-2 bibs stashed in your bag.

13. A nursing cover. For the breastfeeding mamas, always keep an extra nursing cover in your bag for the moments you forget to pack one in your own purse!

14. A blanket. Babies are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, so keep a light blanket on hand to keep your baby cozy and warm.

15. An extra set of clothes. We cannot stress the importance of this enough! Diaper leaks, food stains and spit ups are totally unpredictable but you can prepare by always having an extra set of clothes (or 3) for those unexpected outfit changes.

16. Emergency numbers. Print a list of all relevant emergency numbers for those emergencies you wish would never happen, but must prepare for. Include your own, those of your baby’s nearest relatives, as well as the number of the local police, hospital and firestation.

We hope this will help you in preparing for your next day out with baby. We know the list sounds long and daunting, so don’t feel too pressured to include every single item in your bag. As you get to know your own family’s needs, you can either trim the list or add to it to make your next adventure worry free. Getting out of the house after weeks of nursing, feeding, and changing diapers 24/7 will be a wonderful break for be brave and step out that door. Your future self with thank you for it! 😉


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