5 Fun Indoor Playtime Ideas for Rainy Days


As the rainy season fast approaches, moms in Manila know to expect two things: First, is a whole lot of traffic. And second, is restless children at home. Before your child has the chance to say “I’m bored!” here are a few suggestions for fun activities that you can do indoors.

1. Build a fort. The possibilities are endless. Give your child an empty box, some old sheets, pillows, and random items you think he can use to build a fort and let his imagination run wild! We guarantee this will keep him busy for at least an hour. 😉

2. Bring out the board games. Dust off the board games you only bring out once a year and teach your child how to play mentally stimulating games that don’t involve their tablets. Even your younger ones can join in the fun, as they fiddle with the game’s accessories and props while you play. Just do not neglect to put away the pieces that could be choking hazards for safety.

3. Cook or bake in the kitchen. You will soon have the rain to thank for an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Get your little ones excited to cook or bake by having them choose a recipe that appeals to them, and let them take the lead. You may even spark an interest for a future career as a chef!

4. Bring out the arts and crafts! There are numerous DIY ideas on pinterest that are age appropriate and also lots of fun. Allow your kids to get messy as they explore their own creative mediums. There are so many quick and easy ways to start!

5. Story time. If reading books is not yet a part of your daily routine with your child, a cool rainy day indoors is a great opportunity to start. Give your child the freedom to choose a book from the shelf, prepare his favorite snack, and find a cozy corner at home that you can use as a reading nook. Rain or shine, storytime is a wonderful opportunity for spending quality time with your little one.


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