The Book of Mommy Secrets


I once asked my friend who was a mom to a 4 year old girl about motherhood – What is the experience like, what are the physical developments, how does it change you as a person, etc. She openly brought me to an episode of her mama life by narrating her story:

They say a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. Sure, the so called girl code is already an open book (although it is widely stamped as ambiguous). And women babble about almost everything – the oracle of manhood, the perks and detriments of becoming a woman in this modern world and the list goes on. So I can’t help but wonder: what do women, moms in particular, NOT dare talk about when they run out of breastfeeding-secrets-every-mom-should-know kind of topics? When you’re in a room full of creatures who think like you, talk like you, and most likely have the same can of worms as you do, what’s that one thing you couldn’t, wouldn’t, (and you think) shouldn’t talk about?

I have gathered stories from my mom friends who would, in the spirit of sharing, break their silence about the veracity of mommyhood:

Mommy Ninja moves 101 🙂

“I let her cry herself to sleep”

There, there mommy.. Quoting Sam Smith this time: “I know I’m not the only one.” 😉

Damn those mosquitoes! LOL

Listening to confessions of a young mom is, I’m sure, makes the seasoned moms say “been there, done that.” But that doesn’t mean they do not acknowledge the hardship and pain that you’re going through. We’re with you, mommy! You’re doing a great job.

Someone’s using her hall pass wisely 😉

No mom can ever refute the fact that motherhood is hard. You’re sleepless while they are tireless. They get to ask so many questions about things you don’t have the answers to but have to compose one that should make sense to them. You have to work your wonders by being in between allowing them to experience life on their own by playing it cool in the background and getting ready to catch them right when they are about to fall. The worst thing about it is that, it never came with a handbook. If anything, accept that kids aren’t the only ones who get to tumble and fall. Just like how you deal with any other life challenges that come your way, take a breathing and know you can do it all over again. Plus, there will always be someone to talk to. No need to keep secrets 😉 After all, there are no secrets that time does not reveal.


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