Working Mom’s Dilemma: My Baby Likes the Caregiver More

That moment when your child reaches out to the caregiver over you? Ouch. We can definitely relate, so here are a few simple tips on how to prevent this 😉


By: Kurly de Guzman

Moms face a whole lot of #momproblems and #momdilemmas every single day. With the hundreds (if not thousands) of things running in your head, from diapers to food to work deadlines to laundry… it just never ends. For working moms, finding a reliable caregiver or nanny can be a big challenge. And when you’re lucky and you do find the one, moms face yet another dilemma, “What if my baby likes the nanny (or the grandma) more than me?”

Here are some tips on how to free yourself from the guilt and also still remain the apple of your child’s eye (other than the dad of course ).

Quality over quantity

Working requires a lot of time from moms whether as corporate employees, entrepreneurs, or freelancers. Each workday, there are only a few hours left to spend with the little ones, so it is very important to make these count. A quick 15-minutes of quality and uninterrupted playtime with your little one would mean more to him than an hour of playtime while on your phone or while you’re also watching the news.

Schedule special activities

Create special bonding activities that only YOU do with your little one. This can be taking her to an ice cream date or as simple as using bubble bath when you bathe your child.  Make it clear to the caregiver and your child that these activities are reserved for you alone.

Be there when it matters

As they grow, children will like being with other people too aside from their parents and caregivers. But it is important for your child to know and FEEL that you are there when they need you most. Be the person they’d run to first when they scrape their knee or hit their head. Give them a hug when you see them crying and stop what you’re doing to simply make them feel you’re there for them. Also, do not forget to take some time off when possible during special occasions like birthdays or school events. You don’t know how happy and proud they are to see you in school (except when they enter their teenage years, eep!).

Be thankful for extra hands

It takes a village to raise a child. Rather than feel jealous when you see your child getting too close to his caregiver, be thankful for having someone you can entrust your child to. If you still can’t kick that jealousy out, then maybe it is time to assess the time you spend with your child.

That’s one #momdilemma off the list. Don’t forget to schedule some play time tonight!

Kurly de Guzman is a life coach and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of KurlyConnects. She is a hands-on mom to an energetic boy and a furbaby. She believes that parents ought not just to teach and preach, but to demonstrate, encourage and inspire.


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