5 Ways to Dive Back into the Family Routine After a Vacation

Still dealing with vacation hangover? We got your back mama with these easy tips 😉


By: Em Cruz

Like any good thing, the Holidays or any vacation for that matter always come to an end. And for us mere mortals and moms, this means going back to our daily routines – work, kids, house chores, mommy duties, and all that jazz. If you’re still feeling hungover from the *Holiday break, then here are a few tips that might help you get your groove back this year.

Re-establish your and your kids’ routines ASAP.

The Holidays or any vacation are mostly a time of irregular schedules, travel, food (including sweets), and new experiences. Basically, your family’s routine goes out the window. So it’s best – for both you and the whole family to get back into your old routine, fast. For your kids, you can start re-establishing their bedtime routine a few nights before vacation ends, especially if they are going back to school. Doing so will help their body clock adjust and prevent morning tantrums once you wake them up early once again for school. The same applies to you as well. If you’ve been spending late nights on Netflix, then try to stop your marathons a few days before you go to work and reinstitute your bedtime. Doing so is a good way to start your first workday back from vacation refreshed and energized.

Prepare yourself and your child.

First off, admit to yourself that your holiday is coming to an end – the key is acceptance. Once you’ve accepted it, the next step is to let your kids do the same as well and you can help by talking and explaining it to them as well. It can be short, sweet, and simple, such as: “It’s back to school tomorrow and you’ll see Teacher and your friends. We’ll wake up early, have breakfast, put on your uniform, and take you to school. While it’s back to work for me as well.”

Create a to-do list.

On your first day back to your old routine, try to take it easy in the first few hours and acclimate yourself by doing a to-do list. You can do this even before turning on your computer – list down things that you already have on your mind even before you see what’s waiting for you at work. Think of it as a post-vacay brain dump. Doing so will allow you to gain much-needed perspective and prevent you from getting overwhelmed so early into your return.

Remind yourself to take it easy.

Starting the new year right does not necessarily going in with guns blazing. Pace and remind yourself that you can still get things done tomorrow. This way, you won’t easily get burned out and stressed – negating all the relaxation you had during your vacation.

Always make time for snuggles.

Remember that if you’re coping with vacation hangover, your children might be experiencing it as well. So don’t forget to allow them to feel and express their feelings, which might include dread, excitement, disappointment, or frustration about going back to their regular routine or even back to school. No matter what feelings they might express, let them know that it’s okay and that you understand them. Also, remember to set limits firmly yet lovingly.

You can also help them cope with these after-vacation feelings by making time for a lot of snuggles – both before leaving in the morning and even before bedtime. A few extra hugs and kisses might just be the best thing to help ease the transition from a relaxing vacation to the regular routine – for both you and your child.

*Note that these tips can also work for vacations and other types of breaks 😉.

Em is MomCenter’s editor and a doting mom to a decisive yet sweet daughter. When she doesn’t have her hands full of motherhood, she moonlights as a geek and bibliophile. Follow her mom-adventures via her Instagram.


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