Movie-Date With The Kids: When Is The Right Time?

Rarin' to go on a movie-date? No nanny? Here are a few things to consider if your child is ready for the cinemas 😉


Going to the cinema is probably one of the things parents miss out on after having kids. Before being parents, it was as simple as buying tickets online or planning an ad-hoc movie date right after work. But with younger kids, it takes a lot more than that. So when can you finally see the big screen again, and actually bring your kids with you?

Well here are some things to consider.

Your Child’s Readiness

Is your child sensitive to darkness or loud noises? Can he keep still on his seat (or on your lap) for the whole duration of the movie? While most parents I’ve talked to bring their children at the age of 3, it is good to remember that every child is different. If you want to prepare your child for the cinema experience, try watching some movies at home and simulate how it feels in a movie theater.

The Type of Movie

While we do miss going to the cinemas to watch movies, let’s not forget to take our child’s interests and well-being into consideration. Remember that not everything you or other children like will also be enjoyable for your child. If it is a character or a cartoon that your child already knows or is interested in, then there is a better chance of him sitting still and really enjoying the movie. It’s a good idea to show your child the trailer and ask him if it is something he’ll be interested to watch. I remember, before we brought our then 4-year-old to watch Infinity War, we watched several Avengers and Iron Man movies at home first to see if he enjoys it. We also had to ensure that he understands what is make-believe and what is real, and also explain to him at some points what is going on.

The Time and Place

Be very selective of the time and place you’ll be watching a movie. Choose a time and place that is comfortable, child-friendly (some cinemas offer booster seats), clean and not too crowded. It helps if you buy your tickets in advance too so you won’t have to wait in line for too long especially if it is a blockbuster.

Expect the unexpected

No matter how much you prepare for your child’s cinema experience, the unexpected can still happen. Your child might have to pee in the middle of the most important scene, or might even throw a tantrum and want to go out. If this happens, just take a deep breath and charge it to experience. ☺


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