5 Simple Ways Moms can Celebrate Dads

It's time to pay back the dads, mamas 😉


A few weeks post-Mother’s Day, it is every father’s turn to be recognized. It is now the time to celebrate the head of the family, our hard-working partners, our children’s playmate, and the family’s seemingly tireless driver. Haha! (Thank you, daddies, for always taking the driver seat!)

It’s Father’s Day in a few days, but a lot of moms might still be wondering how can they celebrate their macho guys this Father’s Day. Allow us to share with you some ideas on making Father’s Day special for the superheroes in our families.

Let them sleep. Yes, ladies, you read it right. You might be thinking ‘Hey, it’s actually me who needs more sleep!’ Come to think of it, our husbands are tired from their daily work plus their daily commute/drive. Yes, they get more hours of sleep than us most of the time, but let’s not count scores here. It’s their day! Let them have their extra hours of sleep!

Cook a special dinner. If you’re like most moms who are occupied with kids and household chores and can only make time for sinigang, fried food, and adobo, now is the perfect time to try something new! They’ve endured our daily repetitive menus after a long day at work. Why not surprise their tummies for once!

Get them a good pair of shoes. If budget permits, give your hard-working partner a good pair of shoes that would make them comfortable throughout their everyday driving/commute. They work to provide comfort for the family, now it’s time for us to gift him with something that will provide comfort to their ever-moving feet.

Take them out and drive the car. Two wins here! The daddy gets to enjoy the passenger seat and gets treated to his favorite restaurant! Could it get any better than that?

Encourage the kids to do something for their father. It was because of these kids that they became father anyway. Our husbands’ worlds became all about providing for the needs of his kids when he became a father. Now let’s encourage the kids to do something for their fathers as a sign of love and gratitude.

As with every occasion, it is always the thought that counts. So whatever way you celebrate the special day of the family’s superhero, it would mean a lot to him. Whatever you decide to do, just don’t forget the reason behind the celebration and express it to the whole family. Happy father’s day to all the fathers!


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