Little Beauty Gurus — Can Our Kids Use Our Makeup?

It's quite common to see kids putting on makeup these days, either for fun or even on social media. But we have to ask, are our makeup ok for our kids? 🤓


When it comes to kids, it’s always ‘monkey see, monkey do’ – even in putting on makeup. If your little ones often see you apply makeup, expect that they will soon do the same gestures of touching or dabbing their face, seemingly applying makeup.

It’s cute and even fun to see your little ones get interested in makeup. Some might be lenient enough to allow a small amount of cosmetics on their little ones. Some might search the market for toddler- or kid-safe cosmetics. But before we let our little ones explore with these beauty products, here are some things that we have to keep in mind:

Our kids have very sensitive skin: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is not much damage that cosmetics might do to our kids. However, we need to keep in mind that for kids between 1 to 3 years old, their skin can be extra-sensitive and applying cosmetic might cause an allergic reaction or skin breakout.

Less is better when it comes to ingredients. Always read the label! When buying cosmetics for younger kids, choose ones that use fewer ingredients. It would be best if you can get those that use organic or natural ingredients as these are specifically designed to cause none to less reaction from sensitive skin.

Always clean up after the makeup. Remind your little kid to always clean up after every use of makeup. It’s good to make sure that no makeup residue is left on their skin and that they’re going to bed with a clean face.

Anything used too often can be bad. Don’t allow your kids to use cosmetics too often. Even if they’re using the most natural makeup, our kids’ delicate skin needs a breather. As much as possible, let’s allow them to use makeup only on certain occasions.

If the little kids are really interested in makeup, we don’t have to stop them from their curiosity. We just have to make sure that they’re using the safest products that we can find in the market. Let’s also encourage them to always keep their face and skin clean and healthy. So go on, give in to their girly wishes and buy those colorful cosmetics that they’ve been asking for!

Source: What to Expect


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