Feeling Worn-Out? 10 Feel-Good Clothing Pieces for Every Mommy

Do away with haggard mommy-feels with these simple yet classic pieces 😉


Remember that time before your kids when you had all the time and resources to beef up your closet and be fasyon all the time? Yes? Good times, right?

Well, good fashion times do not stop with motherhood and it doesn’t need to cost much either, as long as you know the items you need that will serve and complement you well. If you need a bit of help to jumpstart your mommy fashion, you can start curating your closet for these must-have pieces and include them in your daily rotation.

The perfect pair of jeans.

For you that is — the perfect jeans pair will depend on your size and shape. Generally, dark wash denim will go with everything and are mom-friendly — as they can look slim in the hips and can even conceal your kiddos’ messes. Just make sure that you get one that also fits you well sans the muffin top and constricted legs.

A white button-down shirt.

This is a classic must-have, no matter if it’s short, ¾, or long-sleeved, but try to look for a wrinkle-free variety if possible. You can wear this with jeans to dress it up — perfect for PTA meetings or your child’s school programs, or even slacks if you need to look more professional.

A pair of tailored slacks.

Perfect for those days when a pair of jeans won’t cut it — such as more formal school events, business meetings, and the like. Get it in black or even dark navy (if you want a bit more personality) so that matching it with your other pieces is no problem and again, mom/kiddo accidents would not be as obvious.

A classic tailored blazer.

It might not seem like it but a classic tailored blazer is versatile and can be worn even outside of an office set up. Aside from business meetings, you can also wear it with a shirt and jeans for an instant “grown-up” or dressed up look without seeming overly stiff or formal. Plus, it can also help keep you warm on chilly days.

A basic shirt.

Or shirts, and no, gym shirts don’t count. A well-fitting basic t-shirt (prints are ok as long as it’s classy and not tacky) can be your go-to uniform for regular days with the kids or errand days. Wear it with jeans for dress-down days, put on a blazer for a day out with mommy friends, and pair it even with your tailored slacks for a more dressy look (throw on the blazer again with the slacks for an even more grown-up feel). We recommend basic tees in cotton in either V or round neck.

A pair of comfortable yet stylish flats.

And no, flip flops do not count. This is the pair that you can walk in for hours or even chase a rowdy toddler with, and yet still look and feel good. Best if it goes well with both jeans and slacks.

A pair of killer heels.

Great for those date nights or days when you’re not with your kids. Something that will make you feel good about being a woman.

A pair of sneakers.

Sneakers are having a moment and moms are no exception, especially since sneaks will let you chase those toddlers down. Pick one that’s in a classic style and basic color so you can wear it with your basic tee, jeans, and even slacks. This is a great alternative to your stylish flats for days when you expect heavy walking (or chasing).

Good underwear.

Good ones can help make your clothes look better and even solve several body issues — it can minimize muffin tops and even boost your breasts to pre-pregnancy heights. Yes, that onesie is cute but also please buy a pair of new bras once in a while 😉

Classic accessories.

Accessories can be that final touch to your overall outfit that shows extra effort, and thus, can make you look more polished. You can add a pair of simple earring studs, rings, and a basic bracelet or necklace to your regular day-to-day uniform. Ensure though that the accessories you will use are safe for grabby toddler hands.

Taking the time to dress up and take care of yourself might just be the boost you need to take care of others better. So good luck and always remember that, you rock, mama.


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