How to Conceive a Boy — Positions that Might Help

Want to conceive a boy? Or girl? Some experts say that it's all in the position 😉


Want to conceive a boy? Or girl? Do you just pray, consult the Chinese calendar, or offer eggs to various churches for your baby’s gender or do you take matters into your own hands? Can we do something about it?

What science says

Several studies state that sperm motility and sex — specifically the frequency, can determine a baby’s gender. In a study relating the World Cup to the number of boys born months after, in terms of sex frequency, it states that “when people have sex more often, on average, more boys are born. This relates to the fertile period of a woman’s menstrual cycle. If conception takes place at the beginning or end of the fertile period, the child is more likely to be a boy. If it takes place in the middle of the fertile period, the child is more likely to be a girl.”

On the other hand, the study has this to say with regards to sperm motility: “the consequence of negative natural events is that sperm motility is low. This translates into fewer boys being born.” So in the case of the World Cup when people tend to feel strong emotions — say their happiness over their team winning the cup could result in stronger and uhm “happier” sperms.

Aside from sperm motility and sex, science also attributes the makeup of the male and female sperm cells in determining a baby’s gender. Dr. Landrum Shettles, who’s famous for the “Shettles Method,” explains that male sperm cells (those carrying Y chromosomes) are smaller, lighter, faster, and more fragile compared to the female sperm cells (those carrying X chromosomes), which are considered to be bigger, heavier and slower, and more resilient.

Hence, if these observations are taken into consideration, timing the intercourse as closely as possible to ovulation could lead to bigger chances in conceiving a boy because the healthy sperm cells will probably reach the egg first. On the other hand, sex a few days after ovulation could lead to bigger chances in conceiving a girl since by then, the male sperm cells would have expired while the resilient female sperm cells are left behind to fertilize the egg.

So… get in position

Considering that male sperms are more uhm delicate, making the path to fertilization easier for it could help in conceiving a boy. You can do this through deep penetration — the deeper your husband is the shorter distance of sperm travel. And believe it or not, four sex positions allow this and might just give those male sperms a fighting chance.

Doggie Style

In this position, your husband enters you from behind while you’re on all fours — which allows for deeper penetration. Hence, the sperm gets deposited closer to the cervix.

Standing Up

Let your husband lift you, preferably against a wall to do the deed. Experts recommend this position as they believe (although not backed by science) that male sperm swim better against gravity.


In this position, you’ll straddle your husband — who is either lying down or seated. Lower yourself onto him — which allows you to achieve deeper penetration while also letting you control just how deep. This position is recommended for those couples who might find the first two uncomfortable.

Female-lead orgasm

Though not a sex position, experts believe that when women orgasm, an alkaline secretion is released into the vagina — shifting its pH balance in favor of the male sperm. So try to climax before your partner does.

*Please note that these methods or positions do not in any way guarantee that you will conceive your preferred baby gender. At the same time, please ensure that you and your partner are safe in trying out the recommended positions 😉


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