Dear Dads, Here’s What Moms Really Want for Valentine’s Day

We like these more than flowers, and most of them cost less too (bec flowers are sooo expensive on Valentine’s). So hint hint 😉


What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

Moms: Ok lang kahit wala (I don’t want anything).

But admit it, us moms would love to receive something special this hearts day. So we’re doing these coy moms (and even clueless dads/partners too) a favor by coming up with this simple wish list of what moms would like to receive this Valentine’s day. So moms, tag your partners. And dads/partners, do take note 😉


Any questions? No? Go get her some new underwear.


Yes, we love motherhood and all the stresses that come with it but we also want to look good while doing it. And what’s the easiest way to look and feel good? Swiping that fave lippie. Chances are, the mom in your life is eyeing that new lipstick for months but has never had the chance to buy it for herself. Plus, no one ever said that one lipstick is enough, so go get one (or even two) for her 😉

Spa day

Moms are perhaps the most hardworking individuals on the planet — from working on their careers or businesses, taking care of the kids, and managing their households, you name it, they’re on top of it. So a day of massages and even facials in a spa is a welcome treat this V-day.

A “free” day

If budget is an issue, then treat her to a “free” day — free of kids and housework that is. Let her sleep in without worrying about the kids. Let her enjoy home-cooked meals without slaving away in the kitchen. Or let her go out and enjoy a day on her own in the mall without worrying about kids in tow. In other words, take care of the kids for a day and just let her reconnect with herself.


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