Parents Date Night: Do We Need It?

How about you, mommies? Do you have regular date nights with your hubbies? 😉


Dirty diapers, tantrums, dirty laundry, available child care, and every parenting thing in between, parents are hard-pressed to get a night, or even a few hours for a date night. But the thing is, as adults in a loving relationship, we also need date nights to remind us that (a) we’re adults and that (b) we are still in a romantic relationship. Having kids does not mean that our fun and loving selves are lost into the marriage abyss. It just means we have to be more mindful of it.

So, in case you need to convince yourself (or your partner) more about taking a night off for date night, here are a few more reasons why you should just do it.

Keep your love alive.

Parenting tasks (ie wrangling screaming kids and dirty diapers) can put out the romantic fire in any couple. So a date night can remind you both of why you got together in the first place and remind you that you have a romantic partner and not just a roommate.

Grow closer.

A healthy partnership means growing closer together and even growing better as individuals. And we are way much more than parents of little kids. Date nights are a great way to experience life more as adults and as couples.

Remind us of priorities.

Yes, our priorities are our kids most of the time, but for their sake, we should also prioritize ourselves and our partners. So rekindling your relationship with your partner will remind both of you that one of the most important things in your lives is each other.


Date nights are a great way to catch up with each other as adults without the kids’ noise and bustle. Communication is a must in a healthy and strong relationship and it can help you both figure out if one is unhappy or down.

Keep the relationship fresh.

Remember before marriage when every date is fun and exciting because we discover another new thing about our partners? Well, keeping the novelty of dating each other can strengthen our marriage relationship and keep us from stagnating in the relationship.

Strengthen commitments.

Date nights can show our commitment to our partners — showing them (and also letting us feel) that both of us are willing to make an effort to be with each other instead of someone else.


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