Code Camp Launches Free eLearning Offering

Online platform opened to the public to support families during COVID-19 crisis

Code Camp. 26/9/2017 Photo credit - James Horan

With more than 1.5 billion people globally asked to stay indoors, Code Camp have opened
their online coding platform, Code Camp World to the public to help keep kids engaged
whilst stuck at home.

Parents around the world are now able to sign up for the service at
and gain access to two online lesson plans which will teach their kids how to build games
using drag & drop coding.

More than 5,000 people from 37 countries signed up for Code Camp World in the first 24
hours since becoming free. In addition to the two lesson plans, users can access a number
of online video tutorials to continue their child’s coding education online – all for free.

Code Camp. 26/9/2017  Photo credit – James Horan

Hayley Markham, co-founder and COO of Code Camp, is a mother of three young girls.
Hayley recognises the importance of keeping kids minds active during this difficult time and
was motivated to take the decision to open the platform to the public when her children’s
school announced they would be closing their doors.

“We made the decision to provide Code Camp World for free because we don’t want this to
be a barrier for children to experience coding and the satisfaction of building their very
own game! Learning to code is empowering, and this quick activity will get your kids
designing, coding and playing their very own game,” says Markham.

Code Camp. 28/9/2017  Photo credit – James Horan

The two lesson plans will take around one hour each to complete, is fun and easy, and by
the end of it, your child will have built their very own game. In this game, the hero is a
wizard or witch is faced with waves of endless baddies and evil spells who has to learn the
magic of flight and energy balls to score points and survive as long as possible. You’ll even
be able to play your child’s game via the official Code Camp Community app available on
Google Play and the App Store.

For more information or to get your hands on Code Camp’s free coding materials, head to


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