Why Moms should Listen to Pass the Power with Paige Parker Podcast

Looking for a dose of inspiration? Here’s one that’s fit for moms: Pass the Power with Paige Parker podcast 😉


Every mom knows that it can be hard to find a minute for herself. Most of our days are spent taking care of our kids, house chores, and work. And even if we do get an hour or two to read or watch TV, it’s still most probably an animated film or video that our kid is currently obsessed with or a book that another child needs for school.

This is the reason why a lot of moms are turning to podcasts. Listening to podcasts is a perfect way to tune out, relax, and even think about something else aside from your work tasks or even mommy duties. Plus, with the help of your smartphone and trusty earphones, you can tune in to your favorite podcasts while you’re running your errands, taking a break from work, or even doing mindless tasks around the house.

And if you have just grabbed your phone and realized that you can literally access thousands of podcasts, the next question is, where does a busy, podcast-newbie mom begin? We have one just for you: Pass the Power with Paige Parker.

Why tune in: Paige Parker is the author of “Don’t call me Mrs. Rogers” and mom to Bee and Hilton. This is the second season of Pass the Power with Paige Parker, an in-depth podcast series sharing stories of passion, purpose, and peace with today’s thought-leaders. It was conceived out of Paige’s curiosity about successful people. Moms and young professionals alike are sure to get inspiration and insight from accomplished personalities who are more than willing to share their backstories and learnings from lives lived with passion.

For this season, Paige chats with Singapore’s grand dame of Nyonya food – Violet Oon, who talks about her passion for cooking and how it led her to represent Singapore’s food heritage around the world. At the same time, Paige also sits down with 12 other industry titans this season, including Co-Founder of Love, Bonito and mompreneur Rachel Lim, content creator and beauty mogul Jamie Chua, Singapore’s Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu, and so much more.

“I’m passionate about this podcast, which I hope will educate, inspire, and entertain our listeners. Season One was a great success, and I am grateful for the support we’ve received. In Season Two, we promise more dialogues with an incredible line-up of guests, starting with Violet Oon,” said Parker.

If you want more of Paige Parker, you can also tune in on Pass the Power’s Season 1, wherein Paige talks to artistic director and co-founder of Pangdemonium Theatre, wife to actor Adrian Pang and mom to two sons Tracie Pang, DBS Bank Group Head Tan Su Shan, CXA Group Founder and CEO Rosaline Koo, and ADDO Ai Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Ayesha Khanna.

Pass the Power with Paige Parker is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast platforms. It is co-created and co-produced with Gushcloud, the digital talent, and media agency, who works closely with Paige to provide marketing and production support to bring these conversations of hope to a broad segment of listeners.

“Gushcloud is committed to creating premium content that drives conversations and inspires the younger generation and mums who are budding entrepreneurs. We’re excited to work again with Paige Parker for another season of Pass the Power with Paige Parker, and hope that these candid conversations will help create tomorrow’s positive influence,” said Althea Lim, Group CEO of Gushcloud International.


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