Start a birth plan!

Start a pregnancy plan, which includes a "birth plan". It is not too early to start as it prepares you for a smoother and less stressful pregnancy....

Get plenty of rest!

Get plenty of rest and relax - stress could potentially cause miscarriage, so loosen up, reduce late night partying and working overtime, start meditation and try relaxation exercises

How to keep your breasts firm later!

As your breasts are getting bigger, chest exercises and good bra support are important to ensure they do not sag post-delivery. You want to remain firm after...

Check with your doctor before taking supplements

Check with your gynaecologist first before taking any vitamins and Chinese medicine as some herbs may be harmful. It is also important to check the dosage as...

Become a label reader!

If you are unfamiliar with what is good for you, it's time to do research and get the load down on healthy food. You will find this...

Are your supplements irritating you?

If certain vitamins make you feel nauseous or causes discomfort, such as constipation or diarrhea, don't feel that you need to grin and bear it. Check with...

Are you getting enough calcium?

Remember to eat a lot of food with calcium to ensure your baby's bones and teeth are strong.

Don’t lift anything heavy

Pamper yourself and don't do any heavy lifting as it may cause miscarriages - let someone else do the grocery shopping and you may need to stop carrying...

Do you have an exercise plan?

As the end of the first trimester comes nearer and your pregnancy is more stable, you may be more gun-ho about exercises going forward, unless you are having...

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