Get comfortable

Maternity clothes are often very "unfashionable". You may wish to shop around normal stores for clothes that are stretchy and loose fitting. Make sure the armpits...

Plan in advance what info you want to track

Record the first day of your LMP as this information would be required to estimate your due date and determine your 40 week pregnancy calendar for tracking of...

Show your cleavage

Show off your cleavage as your breasts get bigger.

What information will you need for your doctor?

It is important for you to be aware of what you eat and the environment around you as well as your activities and emotional tone since these could...

Flats and flipflops are your friend

Buy flat sandals and flipflops as you can still wear them after giving birth.

Plan your calendar in advance

It may be worthwhile to set up a calendar that records your visits to the doctor and outcomes of those visits in case you need to refer to...

Keep monitoring your weight

Continue to check your weight and ensure you are gaining sufficient weight. You should be consuming an additional 300 calories for each of your babies.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 may help reduce morning sickness. Consult with your physician or dietician.

Keep a photo record of your pregnancy

You may wish to think about photographing your pregnancy. Until now, you haven't had much of a bump to show for, but in the weeks ahead, your...

Continue your supplements

Continue supplements like folic acid, calcium, iron and B- complex throughout pregnancy. If you haven't already started tracking your weight, start using your charts and record your...

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